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I am very upset that I was stopped at 1 am friday morning Nov 30,2012 after working 9 hours at Baptist hospital. I had just pulled out on to E. South blvd when the officer , I believe his name was A.J West,at the substation pulled me over for failure to dim. I explained to him that I had been working at the hospital helping them with their benefits but he did not want to hear it. He was very flippant and rude. I live in Arkansas and am here on business. It seems to me he could have just given me a warning knowing that I don't live here.


>He also spelled my name wrong on the ticket. The fine is $165 which I think is ridiculous. There was noone coming from the opposite direction and no harm done. I think he just wanted to write a ticket and did it because I'm from out of town. I am just upset at his attitude. He really didn't say much but what he did say was inappropriate considering the circumstances. I am looking for ways to fight this ticket and I am exploring all options.

>I have contacted several agencies and numerous internet sites including facebook and left complaints on the city of Montgomery and how I think they are running a criminal revenue scam. I doubt anything will be done but I just want everyone to know just how greedy and revenue hungry this bunch really is. I am going to let everyone know about in whatever venue I have available. If you need to to come in and discuss this I will . Someone could have been involved in a serious crime just blocks away while this minion was busy raising revenue to meet his quota or pad his retirement account


>I am surprised they don't put me under the jail for such a heinous offense as having my bright lights on. If you are visiting Montgomery be very careful when driving and always be on the lookout for the crooks patrolling the streets. Don't be a victim of their schemes! Red Light cameras, Bogus citations and enforcement of *** , meaningless and archaic laws.

Monetary Loss: $165.

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noone has given specific evidence to prove there is no corruption. None of it makes sense to the average person caught up in this revenue scam and relieved of their hard earned money because of these criminals.

I will not give up on this. I have taken a proactive approach against police and government corruption. I have started a blog where people can report things and share information, I have started a Facebook page of Cop Block Arkansas. I have called into local radio shows and posted how corrupt they are on and numerous sites. I have started my own investigation of the city of Montgomery and other corrupt municipalities in an effort to help anyone I can not have to contribute to this illicit revenue scheme.

Police use these ridiculous laws to have probable cause to stop you so they can go on a fishing expedition. Maybe they will find drugs, or find someone with a warrant or if they really need the money at the time they could plant drugs or evidence on you just to get a Bust and the revenue and asset forfeiture that comes with it. That's why they are corrupt the laws give them a license to steal and they take full advantage of it.

I encourage anyone reading this to get involved. Start reporting abuse when you see it. Call your local radio station call in shows, write the newspaper , post on the internet. When you see a cop violating the law report him. If you are behind one and he doesn't signal, or changes lanes improperly...

Download an app to your phone that will record the audio and or video with a touch of a button. If you are stopped record everything and hope they don't steal your phone or try to get the information from it. Be discreet! I recorded my incident with officer A J West and I emailed the .wav file to myself so I will always have it.

We have to protect ourselves ourselves against these leeches or like the other poster said they will bleed dry with their corrupt police state tactics. If anyone wants more info just post in this forum and I will get you a list of websites you can go to and share info.

I won't rest until these crooks are brought to justice and exposed for what they really are. I will pay my fine as I have no choice . But I will do everything I can legally to see that Montgomery PD doesn't extort another dime out of unsuspecting taxpayers.

Information is Power! Take a stand and let's take a *** out of this corrupt revenue scam and hit them in the pocket books where it really hurts. Bad publicity can't hurt either. Lets name names!

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I had a similar incident in montgomery about a year ago. I was on Atlanta hwy around 10pm and was stopped for having a headlight out. I knew it was out and it had just blew when I turned my lights on. Not much I could so about it at that time.

A cop stopped me for it and gave me a ticket for headlight out and failure to maintain vehicle. The total fine was $325.

I think it was ridiculous to ticket twice. The headlight was bad enough but there was no evidence i failed to maintain my vehicle. That was just a way for him to get more revenue from the stop

. I didnt intentionally break the law as I had no control over when a headlight will blow. I even got statements from my mechanic and maintenance records showing proper maintenance on my car. I took it to court and it was not dismssed .Judge found in police favor. (shocking I know). He was just a corrupt as the rest of them. with everything i gave them it should have been dismissed but judge didnt even consider it.

I think it was a bogus revenue scam too. I agree with the original poster. Only a town running a crooked revenue scam would do something like that. The cop was a real smart *** and probably would have stopped me anyway and busted out my taillight and call it probable cause to get some revenue..He was also black and I am not. Maybe it is a racial thing since montgomery is 85% black. ITS DISGUSTING . They are crooked and I agree that calling them thieves is not exaggerating. It...

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